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Hey there, pet parents! We understand your concern for your furry companion’s health. We are here to support you on this journey for providing the best healthcare with CBD. Are you tired of searching for the best CBD products for your furry friend? Look no further! Stay with us to unleash the power of Paws and Claws CBD’s products.


Here, at Paws and Claws you will find a variety of organic CBD products for pets. From faithful canines to cuddly felines, we have an outstanding collection of CBD products. Our exclusive range of CBD products includes oil tinctures, yummy treats and soothing balms.


The best part is, there is 0% THC (sedative drug) in all CBD pet products, making it your number one choice of CBD products for pets.

Without any further delay hop on with us as we unravel the unwavering benefits of CBD to pamper your furry friend with. After all, a happy pet means a happy home.

Tail-waggers or Whisker-twitchers?

Why Choose Paws and Claws for CBD Pet Products?

Paws and Claws CBD have been working tirelessly to provide exclusive CBD products for dogs and CBD products for cats. We understand it has become quite difficult to find quality products in this era and that’s why here are a few reasons why our CBD products are paw-some for your furry fella.

  • Our pet CBD products only accept organic products.
  • Your little companions’ health is secured with these products as they are rigorously tested by third-party.
  • Happy pets, happy owners! Our products are trusted by 1000+ loyal customers as their pet’s health has improved due to the quality and precision of our CBD pet products

Our Most Popular Products

Hello there! Now that you’re quite familiar with the benefits and effectiveness of CBD products, you can unleash its benefits to your pet in just one click. Explore our range of high-quality CBD pet products today! We have products suitable for every kind of dog’s and cat’s needs. Hop on to our shop pages to find the purr-fect product for your furry fella.

P. Butter | 300mg | 30 mL


Cheddar Chicken & Char-Tar | 150mg


Full- Spectrum | 500 mg | 60ml


Salmon | 250 mg | 30 mL


Trusted Expertise and Transparent Practices

The ingredients in our pet CBD products are sourced from organically produced plants, ready to be served to your pets from our majestic jars. Our experts make sure that our products are 100% free from artificial additives.

We are committed to being open and honest in every step. All CBD products for dogs and CBD products for cats in our labs are tested by third-party. Safe to say that it will give pets the healthcare they deserve and the owners a peace of mind too.

Premium Quality and Reliability in Every CBD Product for Your Pet

At Paws and Claws CBD, you will only find products with premium quality organic ingredients. We take the health of your furry friends seriously.


Hence, we are committed to deliver trustworthy CBD solutions to you. To help your canine move around quickly, improve appetite and stay active and playful as they were as little pups our CBD products for dogs are the best choice. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our little felines too. Our CBD products for cats are vastly used to improve their mobility and appetite, relieve anxiety and make their fur shine from miles away.


The CBD used in our products starts to have visible effects with first time use only. The high quality ingredients used in each of our CBD pet products ensure effectiveness of the product.

Our mission is to offer affordable, premium CBD solutions that elevate the health of our pets. Our distinction lies not just in our products but also in our unrivaled customer support.

Fostering a community of care and guidance, providing a helping hand on your pet's wellness journey

Welcome to Paws&Claws, your trusted destination for premium CBD pet care products at affordable prices.


We understand the unbreakable bond between pet owners and their furry companions and are committed to promoting their health and happiness.


Driven by our passion for improving the lives of animals, we continually research and develop cutting-edge CBD formulations.


By working closely with veterinary professionals, using only the finest ingredients, and maintaining fair pricing, we ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality, effectiveness, and affordability.


Our distinction lies not just in our products but also in our unrivaled customer support – fostering a community of care and guidance, providing a helping hand at every step of your pet’s wellness journey.


Join us on our journey toward enhancing the lives of animals everywhere, without compromising on cost or quality.

What our Customers Say
"We started him on the oil and biscuits. As of 5am today we are 38 days seizure free. We are trying everything and are hoping all stays well."
What our Customers Say
"Our golden retriever Max absolutely loves these CBD treats! They’ve truly made a difference in his anxiety during thunderstorms. Highly recommend!"
What our Customers Say
"A friend recommended Paws & Claws Oil for my German shepherd’s hip issues. I’m genuinely surprised at the difference in his mobility after just a few weeks."

Simple Ingredients and..Pawsitively Puurfect!

We keep things simple! When choosing Paws & Claws, you’re giving your furry friend medical grade, high quality CBD and natural ingredients they love to eat, without worrying about what's in it.

Made in USA

Formulated by Veterinarians

100% THC-Free

Lab Tested

GMP Certified

USA Hemp

Vet Formula




From Tails to Whiskers: The Wonders of CBD!

General Wellness

A boost for everyday well-being. CBD could be the daily supplement to support overall health, ensuring more purrs and waggy tails.

Joints & Mobility

Support joint health and keep tails wagging. CBD promotes mobility, ensuring your pet stays active and comfortable.

Seizures & Epilepsy

Seeking serenity and calm. While research continues, many pet owners use CBD to manage and reduce seizure activity.

Stress & Anxiety

Calm the storm. CBD may offer a sense of relaxation for pets facing thunderstorms, separation anxiety, or other stressors.

Digestive & Nausea

Gentle and soothing for their tummies. CBD aids in calming digestive upsets and alleviating nausea for more enjoyable mealtimes.

Aging & Cognitive

Brighten their golden years. CBD might support cognitive health, helping your aging pet remain alert and engaged

Itching & Skin

Soothe the itch. CBD's potential anti-inflammatory properties may offer relief from common skin irritations, leading to happier and less scratchy pets.

Pain & Inflammation

Natural comfort for those tough times. CBD provides relief from discomfort, making those walks and playtimes enjoyable again

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